Business Tools Needed to Build Strong People Practices.

HPC Manual + Workbook

Happy People Culture Manual:  The HPC Manual is your guide to crafting a vibrant and enriching work environment. Dive deep into the ‘whys' that drive each step, unraveling the secrets behind robust people practices, processes, and strategies. From the foundational building blocks of a business plan and employee handbook to the details of Benefits, Hiring, Orientation, Training, and Retention, this manual guides you through every twist and turn. It's not just about following a template; it's about understanding the essence and significance behind each move.

Happy People Culture Workbook:  Within the HPC workbook lies the indispensable forms and tools, meticulously curated to bring your plans and processes to life with precision and ease meant to streamline the implementation process. No need to start from square one; this workbook is your shortcut to success in all things people oriented. Dive into a word document bursting with everything you need to sculpt your benefits package, streamline hiring, smooth out orientation, fortify training, and master retention. The best part? It's fully customizable, tailored to fit your business like a glove.